What's Been Going On At Sun-Foil?

Press Release From NBAA Las Vegas 2013

"Traditional Business Values Propel Sun-foil Into its 25th Year

Don and Julie Beaudry, owner of Sun-Foil Aircraft Sunscreens, Inc. are proud to announce the inauguration of their 25th year of manufacturing high quality custom fit aircraft sunscreens in Phoenix, Arizona. Julie has been with Sun-Foil since the beginning, eventually purchasing the company. Julie is the voice customers have come to know and depend on for 24 years. Don joined Sun-Foil full time in 1993, He oversees production and marketing. Lynne Hall joined Sun-Foil this year as its Domestic Director of Marketing. She handles web management, marketing and graphic design. Additionally, Rajesh Lekhwani has been our International Director of Marketing for the past 6 years. Rajesh oversees marketing efforts for India and the Middle East, and most recently has begun marketing to Australia.

Q: Don, please start by telling a little bit about the company, a brief history of Sun-Foil and an overview of your business today.

A: Well, Sun-Foil has been family owned and operated since 1989. A pilot friend wanted to purchase quality screens to protect his new Piper Malibu but found there really wasn't anything available that met his standards. From there, Sun-Foil was born. Today, Sun-Foil is a worldwide presence. There is virtually not a corner of the globe where Sun-Foils can't be found and our customers include many of the industry's largest manufacturers, military branches and governmental agencies. Our annual growth rate has been steady at around 6%. Over 80% of our business annually, is either re-order or referral.

Q: To what do you attribute your company's longevity and success?

A: I wish I could say that our success is the result of groundbreaking innovation on our part. Truthfully, it is the emanation of much more traditional business values and strategies/ Quite simply:

  1. We make a great product and ownership is still directly involved in every Sun-Foil we make.
  2. We settle for nothing short of 100% satisfaction from our customers.
  3. We will always be a very easy company with which to do business. And,
  4. We always communicate our sincere appreciation for our customer's business.

By operating under this simple business model for the last quarter century, Sun-Foil has been able to develop much more than just business relationships, but friendships with our customer base. Our customers become our biggest advocates. They become in effect, our sales reps. We are exceptionally proud of the fact that for the last fifteen years in a row, over 80% of our sales involve either re-orders or referrals. Our customers are incredibly loyal and for that we are extremely grateful.

Q: How can our readers learn more about your company?

We'd love to invite anyone to call Julie, Don or Lynne at 602-569-9334. We also respond promptly to emails at info@sunfoil.com, or feel free to use the contact form here on our website. If you are located in India or the Middle East and would like to reach Rajesh please call 91-11-4705-7738 or by email at s.aerospace@airtemail.in.