When it comes to Aircraft Window Shades, there are none better than Sun-Foil Aircraft Sunscreens!

The Gold Standard Since 1989!

The Sun-Foil Difference

  • Protects Aircraft Interior - 97% of radiant heat is reflected, and UV protection prevents cracking and discoloration
  • Keeps Cockpit Cooler - Drop cockpit temperatures as much as 68 degrees compared to an unprotected cockpit
  • Prevents Heat Related Avionics Failure - Protects sensitive components from heat and enhances pilot comfort.
  • Integrated Protection - Our exclusive layer of hand-rolled gold or silver Mylar laminate provides additional rigidity and durability. Strategically placed suction cups combine with a friction fit to ensure your
  • Sun-Foils are always in place, protecting your expensive investment.
  • Secures Avionics Panel - Complete screen sets are an effective deterrent to common avionics theft
  • Built-In Storage - Sun-Foils roll easily and are secured with an attached Velcro strap. They are easily stored in a custom-fit bag (included with each set) with a personalized ID tag.
  • Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee - We stand behind our products. Sun-Foils will be replaced at no charge in the event of damage due to defects in materials or workmanship. Suction cups are replaced at no charge throughout the lifespan of your Sun-Foils, at no charge.

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